A Lucky Artist & Snippety Lifestyle

Homosassa, FL Lifestyle of Artist Kevin Jenkins of CopperSculpture.com

Living in Homosassa, FL is very laid back. When you move here, you decide that there is not more room for the snippety rat race.

The closest I get to snippety these days is using my aviation snips. I love the sound of them gliding through the copper in one continuous sound.

It takes a year or so to break in a new pair of snips, however, there are some snips that I have had since 1995 and are used daily. They don’t make them like they used to.

Sometimes I’ll cut 50′ or more of copper in a day. After I’ve cut the copper, then the work starts.

My anvils (2) are homemade from large steel billet, one is 18″ in Dia. by 4″ thick and the other is 24″ in dia. by 2 1/2 “thick. You can find me sitting in front of these for hours throughout the day hammering away.

I’m one lucky artist, as my home, gallery, and studio are on the same property, so breaking for lunch is just next door. The Gallery is only open by appointment so It cuts down on interruptions while I’m creating a Copper Sculpture that has been commissioned.

Most days I work until 5 pm or so unless I’m just into something too deep to break away, and then who knows when I will stop. I really love what I do and look at each day as a new day of discovery. I like challenging myself and some days are full of surprises in creating something in copper. It does help to have a great studio space and artist lifestyle in this sleepy fishing community. Again, I’m one lucky artist that loves his snippety snips..

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  1. It’s lovely to witness you at work as well as being able to admire the craftsmanship of pieces that you have made, old and new. I’m sure being laid back helps immensely.

    1. Roy absolutely and you know from the time you get into your studio its the best of time. Its blazing hot here now and I try to start before the sun comes up
      and work until noon then back at 5 for a few hours.

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