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By Kevin Jenkins

Where Is His Art?

Most of my large three-dimensional fish are hung in residences. With the advent of cathedral ceilings in most homes today, this seems to be the most popular place and just imagine Snapper or an eight foot Blue Fin Tuna hanging from your ceiling or how

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$575. Maryland Stripper with rod in all copper with my reduction technique color and clear coated. 47" wide

A Maryland Stripper in Ft. Myers ?

The question was once asked, Is it OK to have a Maryland Stripper in my home in Ft. Myers?  I thought to myself, why not?  If you like the stripper, then go for it!   The topic comes up often whether or not it would look

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$750. Purple Tail fish in copper. Approx. 42" X 42" and about 3 inches thick. Heat induced color and clear coated

Purple Tail Fish & A Lawyer

So many people that buy artwork generally don’t think about copyrights that the artist may have on a particular piece of work. At art shows attendees might not think twice about taking photo’s of the artist work. Some artist will say no photo’s please, others

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All copper. This sculpture was created around an ugly support pole in the kitchen of this home during an addition of a second story. Very cool

There’s A Banana Tree In Her Kitchen!

Several years ago I got a call from someone who had purchased a sculpture from me in the past. She said “I have a friend that needs some help with a pole in her kitchen” could you drive down and look at it.  Now at

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Homosassa, FL Lifestyle of Artist Kevin Jenkins of

A Lucky Artist & Snippety Lifestyle

Living in Homosassa, FL is very laid back. When you move here, you decide that there is not more room for the snippety rat race. The closest I get to snippety these days is using my aviation snips. I love the sound of them gliding

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Created in copper and colored with my reduction technique this is about life size $325. Copyright protected

Coffee, Fans & Hammers

I’m really a creature of habit in many ways. I like to be at “work” in the studio by 7am but most days I go down the street to the river to check it out and have a cup of coffee at the bait house.

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I make many weathervanes, mostly water oriented, this one is 55" long and rides on a 1" stainless steel ball bearing, will last a lifetime and then some. Requires speaking about where you intend to mount it so I can fabricate the base. $2850. Copyright protected

Can This Copper Sculpture Go Outside?

Quite a few people want to know if a Copper Sculpture can be put outside while considering one for their home or business.  I get this question a lot, especially at art shows where I’ll speak with several hundred folks.  If its a half fish

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