Can This Copper Sculpture Go Outside?

I make many weathervanes, mostly water oriented, this one is 55" long and rides on a 1" stainless steel ball bearing, will last a lifetime and then some. Requires speaking about where you intend to mount it so I can fabricate the base. $2850. Copyright protected

Quite a few people want to know if a Copper Sculpture can be put outside while considering one for their home or business. 

I get this question a lot, especially at art shows where I’ll speak with several hundred folks. 

If its a half fish that I create for a wall they are all copper, even the supports in the back are all copper. 

First off copper doesn’t rust but it will develop a patina if not coated with some kind of finish. The color in my work comes from a reduction technique which creates a patina through a reduction process, however it has to be coated with something to keep the elements from starting the patina process. I use a premiere clear coat called Incralac, which is a lacquer with ultraviolet inhibitors and co-polymers (stretching agents). It is sprayed on in two coats and if indoors will last a lifetime if used outdoors under an overhang and not in direct sun and not on salt water. Here in Homosassa, FL,  I have seen it last for 15 years.

So the answer to your question is yes, you can put it outside.  Not only does it look amazing upon installation, but you can enjoy the art as the colors may change through the years.  If you currently have a copper sculpture, and need it resealed, you can purchase Incralac here, just contact me.

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