Current Explorations

Working in copper, steel, stainless steel, and some selected hardwoods is my current choice of materials. Copper being the metal that I use to create the large fish and steel and stainless steel used for the larger outdoor sculpture that I’m presently working on. Aesthetics are a primary concern and I have attempted to achieve beauty in a finished art piece by investigating form, light, shadow and content inherent in the metal. Both pieces will play with the positive and negative space and color is a concern, which provides an additional emotional response in the viewer, as well as it supports the strength of the finished piece. Early on I served an apprenticeship for almost 3 years . (1971-1974) in Taxco, Mexico studying silver and copper smithing under the direction of master silver smith Antonio Castillo and Guadalope Canalez. I studied Mayan and Aztec design and inlay of copper, brass, monel, and silver. Part of the traditional technique was to hammer from one piece of copper a water pitcher and bowl. Both of these took several days each and this technique would become what now is the foundation for the what my technique has grown into.

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