Hanging Fish

This 5 Ft Black Drum is a full bodied fish in copper with great color. The Black Drum takes three weeks of hmmering to complete and a lot of it happens through its mouth with pecking bars which are long flat bars with a metal ball welded to the end. The bar is incerted through the mouth pressed up against the area to hammer and is struck so the ball strickes the inside of the fish. It takes several thousand strikes to streatch to copper to the desired higth.$2800. fob my studio

Full Bodies Black Drum 60″ long

This is a full bodied Short big Eye 45" long and is all copper.Approx. working time to complete this fish is two weeks as most of the hammering is through the mouth. Color is from a reduction technique and is clkear coated. $2400. fob my studio

Full bodied Short Big Eye in copper

This is a Quillback Rockfish that is full bodied and is all copper. Weighs around 20 lbs. and is suspended from two points as most of my hanging fish are. $1900. and is 44 in. long

Full bodied 3-D Quillback Rockfish in copper

3-Dimensional Margate 32" long $975. fob my studio

Full bodied Margate 3-D fish in copper

This 3- dimensional Grouper is 32" long and is suspended from two points, all copper hand hammered. $975. FOB my studioYellowfin-Tunahf.8 ft. Blue Fin Tuna testTestOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMargate1Yellowfin-Tuna