Japanese Temple Bell

Fish Sculpture

Published by Kevin Jenkins · September 25 at 8:38 PM · 

This was a project I did for Sandals Resort in Jamaica. Its my rendition of a Japanese Temple bell in Fiberglass. It was made for a Japanese Steak house at one of their properties. Its 5 ft. wide and 7 ft. tall and appears to be 4-5 inches thick with a chinese red inside and a antiqued pewter exterior. I first took styrofoam sheets 2″ thick , ripped them to 8″ wide cut an angle on both ends then glued them together on a 5′ plywood circle like an igloo until it was 7 ft tall then motorized the platform to create a vertical lathe and trimmed off the sharp edges until I had it smooth, and wrapped it in cloth. The cloth to make a barrier between the polyurethane and the styrofoam to protect it from the resin’s that would come later in the process and the put 7 coats of polyurethane on the entire sculpture. Then I started adding all the detail in foam half tube strips, more poly, then drywall compound over the entire surface, sanded it smooth more poly. Sprayed it with parting agent and mold release wax then laid it up with gel coat and fiberglass and made a mold then made the part (a bell) from fiberglass and gel coat. Then I built an inside so it appears to be 5 in. thick installed a light and defuser that I made from scratch , crated it and shipped it to Jamaica. It was incredible as a project and I do have extensive background in Fiberglass and mold making as well as copper. My friend Joe Peek worked with me on this project also as he has many skills. So I still have the mold but am not sure if I want to make another or if anyone needs one. Upside down it would make a super large tree container for outside a mansion or hotel.

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