Where Is His Art?

Most of my large three-dimensional fish are hung in residences. With the advent of cathedral ceilings in most homes today, this seems to be the most popular place and just imagine Snapper or an eight foot Blue Fin Tuna hanging from your ceiling or how about a three foot Grouper ! About 20% of the three-dimensional fish go into commercial spaces, from the lobbies of skyscrapers to your local seafood restaurant . 

Some of the fish are weathervanes built to stand a hundred years of outdoor exposure . Some are large outdoor sculptures having many fish all interconnected. The Buttonwood Seascapes* are used to decorate homes and business’s and incorporate hardwood roots that have been dried, sandblasted, bleached and then coated with a white solid color stain and created from many pieces. They look like reef scenes with schools of copper fish swimming through and are well suited for over sofa’s, fireplaces and in entry foyers. They can be created to fit into your area ! Freestanding floor lamps have also been very popular . 

Some of the theme’s are Mangrove tree’s six feet tall,30 inch Manta Rays with long tails extending into a fossil coral base and is 7 feet tall, 6 ½ foot soft coral plants with fish peeking out and many other theme’s as well that add that special touch to the corner of a room.. Half model fish hammered from copper are still number one! 

Any fish any size and I presently make 66 different fish. The half model fish can work well over a fireplace, in the family room , over your bar, in a yacht or even in the kitchen. These realistic fish are hammered from copper and are colored with a variety of patterns finished with a no maintenance finish .

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