more than skin deep

kevin jenkins

All week I’ve been working on several projects as I’m trying to get caught up before I have neck surgery in a week or so. So sitting at my bench and anvil working gives you a certain amount of thinking time. Mostly I’m thinking of projects in progress or one’s I want to do. So I’m pretty anal about good welds, strength of the overall sculpture, I mean can it survive 100 years of normal use and that gets to what’s beneath the face or body of the sculpture. If its not built on a good foundation then its just not going to last. I take many extra steps beyond the look of a piece to just make sure its engineered the best it can be regardless of the amount of time put in. I do a little bit of repair work on my sculpture’s after they have been dropped or bent from some mishap and i’m always happy to see that my sculpture holds up. I had an old friend from 45 years ago bring a sculpture from Georgia that I made 45 yrs. ago that had survived 5 moves and only needs a little touch up. An abstract piece that was made in 1984 that looked just like I had just finished it, finish and all. I get a few emails a year asking if the photo they sent to me is of one of my sculpture’s. I almost always remember when I made it and from which studio it came out of. Its never been about how much money you get from sculpting but how much pleasure, challenge and good people you can meet. I’ve done over 15 big projects for Sandals Resorts, several casino’s, Probably over 75 restaurants, museums and thousands of individual homes. Over 16 countries and counting and still love it.

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