About Kevin Jenkins

I really started creating when I was in High School in art class 1966-68 and sold my first piece of art. That sale was three times as much money as I was making working everyday after school and was much more fun. Later this would translate to a passion to create, and as with most creative people money was second on the list or third.

After public school my father insisted that I continue to the next level of school, but I wasn’t going for it. At that time I was already working 10-12 hours a day in the studio creating art and having fun.

Dad prevailed with an unusual twist, I was to serve an apprenticeship in Taxco Mexico learning metal working. So being the dutiful son I drove to Taxco meeting Dad at the border and making the trek down..way down. I first worked in a blacksmith shop for 2 months down below Taxco (Taxco elev. approx.6500 ft.) then started at the Los Castillo, at the time the most respected silver, gold and other metals shop in all of Mexico. I stayed 2 1/2 more yrs. watching and learning. Then I moved back to Florida and opened my own studio and my present studio is the 4th I’ve had and was built so I could work on most any project having tall ceilings and lots of space.

I also have spent time in Santa Clara Del Cobre as I seek to learn other technique’s. In my present studio I’m perfecting my technique of getting great color in copper, stretching copper and working on larger and larger pieces involving mostly fish.

For the last 20 yrs. I have been traveling to both Norway and Chile and plan to move for part of the year to Chile in the next few years.

Contact 352-634-4223  email   bigfish@coppersculpture.com