My Studio

My studio and gallery is in Homosassa Florida which is a small coastal fishing community on the west coast north of Tampa. The studio like most artist studio’s is in a constant flux, changing to the needs of the many different commissions that come my way. I do have a great studio space that I built 25 yrs, ago and it works well as I have both a large indoor area and an outdoor area for the more messy projects. I like the diversity of working in different metals as well as some wood. I usually work alone but on occasion I will have my sons help in lifting or holding and they to are inclined to be creative and I look forward to having my grandsons in the studio.Most of my technique’s are based on what I learned in my apprenticeship in Taxco Mexico in the early 70′s so I use very little in the way of power tools or machines, just hammers, torch and simple hand snips. I have a small studio in Sogne Norway that I use to create prototypes of new idea’s and exhibiting at the invitational art show on Lyngor Island in southern Norway, but I have been so busy here that it has been a few years since I have shown in Norway. My plan is to resume my normal schedule of working and showing in Norway in 2013 .