Which Direction is it coming from?

I make many weathervanes, mostly water oriented, this one is 56" long and rides on a 1" stainless steel ball bearing, will last a lifetime and then some. Requires speaking about where you intend to mount it so I can fabricate the base. $2850. Copyright protected

Weathervanes are something I really like doing. They can be whimsical or stylized reality and have a use other than just looking good.

I take a lot of time in creating one of these Copper Sculptures and there is a fair amount of engineering in one that will last a hundred years or more. The oldest one I have made is one that I still own created in 1975 in my previous studio in Key Largo.

When I was exhibiting in Norway for several years I was lucky to see many weathervanes and I created 7-8 that were installed mostly on the tops of flag poles. Seems every home has an elaborate flag pole flying the Norwegian flag and at the top of these was a 5″ round wooden ball. I was making small Cod fish about 18″ long and mounted them on a shaft drilled into these wooden balls.

I like to counter weight mine as the shaft is about 1/3 back from the front making them tail heavy but with the weight in the front they become very sensitive. This also lets them stay put until you get about 5 mph of wind and because they are heavy the roof would likely blow off before any uplift could snatch it up and away.

Living on the west coast of Florida and being an avid boater the question always is “What direction is it coming from ” it has everything to do with boating here and I have several right here in Old Homosassa and three on my Cupalo’s. Speaking of which that is a dying art, making Cupalo’s. I have one and my attic temp dropped 26 degrees F. Fortunately, I have a friend that builds the best there is so if you need one to go with that Copper Sculpture weathervane you have been wanting, contact me.

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