A Maryland Stripper in Ft. Myers ?

$575. Maryland Stripper with rod in all copper with my reduction technique color and clear coated. 47" wide

The question was once asked, Is it OK to have a Maryland Stripper in my home in Ft. Myers?  I thought to myself, why not?  If you like the stripper, then go for it!  

The topic comes up often whether or not it would look OK to have A FISH, such as a stripper, that is specific to one area of the country used to decorate a wall in another. Yes why not!  

I have a Walleye that’s a way north fish in mine because I like the shape and it brings back memories of a trip to Wisconsin and Minnesota I made a few years ago. A popular fish that I create is a Quillback Rockfish which ranges from Oregon through Washington state and it is one of the fish that sells well anywhere. Why ? shape. 

Yep we all have basically the same walls in our homes and this fish just is a perfect fit for a 52-75″ wall. I even make 22″ one’s that can be added to make a small school. I like that and I think others do also, when creating something special in their homes.

Oh, and by the way, I realised that I added an extra p when talking about the Maryland Striper.  But it just sounded a bit more humorous so I just rolled with it.